Proper nutrition can help athletes fuel and recover at Rogers Cup

Eat like a Rogers Cup athlete
WATCH ABOVE: Tennis Canada sports nutritionist and Olympian Ariane Lavigne shares some easy-to-prepare recipes inspired by the diets of elite athletes.

The first round of play for the Rogers Cup in Montreal will take place Monday and athletes will need to refuel and recover for a week’s worth of competition.

One of the food items players can try is Greek yogurt.

“Greek yogurt will be offered on the sites at different locations,” said Ariane Lavigne, Tennis Canada Sports Nutritionist.

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Lavigne says the high protein content, as well as probiotics and calcium, make yogurt a good choice.

She adds it can be eaten for breakfast or after a game.

“Sometimes, the athletes have a short recovery period between two matches,” Lavigne said.

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“Let’s say they have two hours in between two matches, well they don’t have much time to recover.”

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Lavigne says nutrition is something everyone can monitor — you don’t have to be an athlete.

“What’s great about nutrition is it touches everybody,” Lavigne said.

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“I think for everybody it’s important to know what they need during the day to have good energy levels.”