Trans rights activist Morgane Oger and business partner served with $100,000 lawsuit

Trans rights activist Morgane Oger and business partner served with $100,000 lawsuit - image
Morgane Oger/Twitter

Chair of the Trans Alliance Society of BC and former NDP candidate Morgane Oger is surprised to find out that she and her business partner are being served with a lawsuit.

“It’s perplexing,” she said.

The Sechelt Indian Band is suing the pair for more than $100,000 for allegedly not paying rent.

Oger said she gave them a heads-up that it was going to be tough to make rental payments this year, and that the pair was planning to sell their tech business on the Sunshine Coast property.

She also let the band know that after the business was sold, outstanding amounts would be paid.

“And each time a buyer was found, the buyer was either scared away or rejected by the Sechelt Band who owned the leases and we had to get their permission to sell our business, and then suddenly we were served with eviction notices in mid-June,” Oger said.

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She said the last letter that was sent to the Sechelt Indian Band in July had proposed solutions for the scenario.

“The last letter was asking for solutions for… either [a] reasonable time to sell the business so that they could continue the operation, or that they purchase the equipment… on the marina, there are docks involved, there are significant number of assets involved, or that they give us time to pay them out, because we weren’t asked to pay the outstanding amounts ever,” Oger said.

CKNW has reached out to the Sechelt Indian Band for comment.

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