Nova Scotia cools funding dispute by committing money to CBU

Cape Breton University is pictured.

A university in Cape Breton is getting a funding boost from the province after complaining that another school received money it was also entitled to.

The Nova Scotia government said yesterday it will give additional money to Cape Breton University, just days after it emerged that Acadia University received extra funding.

Advanced Education Minister Labi Kousoulis would not say how much money the Cape Breton school would get.

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Figures released last week in public accounts documents showed that Acadia received $10.5 million in additional appropriations the last fiscal year.

Board members at Cape Breton University have said they hadn’t heard of this additional funding, which they too had sought since 2008.

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Kousoulis says his department looked at the two universities’ finances and made changes to their funding levels.

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He says they were the only two colleges hurt in 2008 when operating grants were changed to provide more funding for universities with higher enrolments.

Acadia has said it lost about $7 million as a result of the changes, which also affected Cape Breton University.