Who will be the next leader of the BC Liberals?


With Christy Clark stepping down as leader of the BC Liberals, the party will have to pick a new leader.

The party executive will have 28 days to meet and select a voting date for the new leader.

“The Liberal Party has a universal ballot in its constitution so every party member gets to vote for the leader,” said Mike Smyth, columnist for The Province.

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“There are no requirements on when the leadership contest could be held but they do have to select a voting date within 28 days.”

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He said that by the end of the summer British Columbians should have some indication of when a new Liberal leader will be selected.

“I guess the question is: Would it be this fall or would they extend it into the New Year?”

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Why is Christy Clark resigning now?
Why is Christy Clark resigning now?

According to Smyth, it’s very likely there will be an interim leader followed by a wide-open leadership race.

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But he said one name keeps popping up, and that is Conservative MP Dianne Watts.

“I have had a lot of interest in it though; her name does come up, and that’s one name that’ll have the NDP shaking in their boots, I think if she was to come in, because she was a very popular mayor when she was the mayor of Surrey.”

He said the role of the opposition leader is one many politicians will probably be interested in.

With files from Terry Schintz