Christy Clark to walk-away with hefty pension: Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Click to play video: 'Christy Clark steps down as leader of the BC Liberals'
Christy Clark steps down as leader of the BC Liberals
Former Premier Christy Clark has announced she is stepping down August 4 as leader of the BC Liberals. Legislative Bureau Chief Keith Baldrey has the details of what's next for Clark and the party – Jul 28, 2017

Following Christy Clark’s resignation as leader of the BC Liberals and as MLA of her Kelowna-West riding, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is warning British Columbians about the cost of Clark’s departure.

“She will be collecting about $100,000 dollars a year initially, and that will be indexed to inflation. Totalling we think about a grand total of $1.7 million by age 80,” said Scott Hennig.

He said the new government should revise MLA pension plans introduced 10 years ago by the BC Liberals.

“I think it would be a great idea for the new NDP-Green coalition government here to review these MLA pensions, bring them back in line with what’s sort of the expectation now in the private sector. And certainly also at the very least have a look at reining them back into the level that even just government employees are getting.”

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Meanwhile, Elections BC say that filling her seat will also have a hefty price tag.

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According to them, a by-election to fill Clark’s seat in the legislature could cost about half a million dollars.

“The cost does depend on you know which district the by-election is being held in. There’s been a redistribution of electoral boundaries since 2013, but a by-election was held in the west-side Kelowna district in 2013 and it cost about $480,000,” said Andrew Watson with Elections BC.

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He said following a vacancy, a warrant must be sent to the Chief Electoral Officer informing them of the vacancy.

“A by-election must be called within 6 months of a vacancy in the legislative assembly,” said Watson.

He said Elections BC is already putting the gears in motion.

“Electoral officers will begin to make the necessary planning and preparation so that we’re ready to administer the by-election when it’s called.”

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