Teddy bear lost at Calgary Stampede replaced by police officer during surprise home visit

Ashlynn (right) and her teddy bear given to her by Officer Mattice (left) from the Calgary Police Service at the 2017 Calgary Stampede. Courtesy Amrit Walia

A Calgarian is thanking police for their kindness after a teddy bear given to his daughter at the 2017 Calgary Stampede became lost while at the grounds.

Amrit Walia said he and his daughter Ashlynn were taking in the sights of the midway on BMO Kids’ Day on July 12 when Officer Mattice from the Calgary Police Service gave Ashlynn a small teddy bear.

“She loved it,” Walia said in an email to Global News.

Ashlynn poses with two Calgary police officers at the 2017 Calgary Stampede, including officer Dunn (right). Courtesy Amrit Walia

Keeping the teddy bear in hand, they carried on through the Stampede grounds. Walia said his seven-year-old daughter handed him and his wife the teddy before heading on any rides, but it fell out of one of his bags and became lost.

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“She got so upset and didn’t want to take more rides,” Walia said. “We tried to look around and even visited the police station at Calgary Stampede with the hope [they might] have any extra, but they had none left.”

Walia said an officer by the name of Paul Dunn told him that he would try to look for her lost teddy or find another one to bring to their home.

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To Walia’s surprise, Dunn kept his promise and showed up at their home on July 18 with a teddy bear even larger than the one they were initally given, as well as a few other goodies.

“We were so shocked as it was unbelievable for us,” Walia said. “We were so thankful to him and the Calgary police for such a great and exceptional service.”

“I hope it will leave a great impact on our kids when they will grow up about their duties towards other fellow citizens.”

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Ashlynn and her sister Jasmine weren’t home when Dunn visited, so Walia said they arranged to meet with Dunn at CPS headquarters so his daughter could thank him in person.

Ashlynn (left) and officer Dunn from the Calgary Police Service at CPS headquarters. Courtesy Amrit Walia

“This story was not all about a lost teddy but it was about humanity, thoughtfulness and generosity of a great police officer,” Walia said.

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