Councillor lashes out at city staff over possible east London strip club

The new strip club would be located at the former site of Famous Flesh Gordon's. Google Maps

Tensions flared at London city council on Tuesday night over a possible re-opening of a strip club in the east end.

The community and protective services committee was informed last week it may be too late to pull a licence for the site of the former Famous Flesh Gordon’s at 2190 Dundas St. E.

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A business has applied to open a strip club and a massage parlour on the site and renovations are underway.

City hall could pull the licence for the site, but to do that, they must hold a public meeting. The committee voted to hold the meeting Aug. 28.

However, if renovations are completed and the business passes an inspection, the city will be forced to issue a licence.

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Bill Armstrong, the councillor for the ward, took aim at city staff on Tuesday.

“So this is, in my mind, probably the biggest mistake that I can remember ever,” he said. “Very serious mistake, and I don’t know where to go from here quite frankly.”

He spoke for over 10 minutes on the issue, and asked if someone let this slip through the cracks.

“Did somebody drop the ball on this issue and who was it, and can you make sure that it’s clear so the community understand who is responsible for us being in this situation?” Armstrong said, at which point Mayor Matt Brown interrupted to issue him a warning.

“Hold, please Coun. Armstrong.” Brown said. “We’re crossing lines here … you’ve had ample opportunity to ask your questions, you’ve received answers, but this is a respectful place.”

City manager Martin Hayward defended city staff, arguing they’ve been working on a lot of high-profile issues.

“I’ve talked with council before about focus, [and] this is also an area where we’ve put on sound bylaws, taxi bylaws, Uber discussions, there have been a whole host of areas where this area has been stretched,” he said.

City hall will have a chance to pull the licence if the business fails to pass inspection.

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Council endorsed the committee recommendation to hold a public meeting on the matter on Aug. 28.

There are currently three strip clubs in London.

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