Siemens, once touted as Liberal energy success, closes 340 out of work

Siemens workers gather at the Tillsonburg Community Centre ahead of meeting discussing plant future. Travis Dolynny

We all know how Ontarians feel about Premier Kathleen Wynne’s handling of the energy file.

We all feel the pain of this self-inflicted wound created, not by green energy, but the lack of due diligence and cost-effective planning.

When I asked Provincial Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault (who is tangled up in the Liberal Sudbury bribery scandal that Wynne will testify at) for some examples of jobs that had been created by the Green Energy Act, he continually pointed to the Siemens plant in Tillsonburg, building blades for wind turbines.

He talked of 40,000 spin-off jobs related to the projects.

Last week the very same Siemens plant announced it was shutting down, putting 340 out of work by next year, over 200 gone immediately.

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We simply don’t need the expensive energy Wynne’s plan has produced and a major wind turbine project, we couldn’t afford, was cancelled.

The rest is obvious, the plan was more activism and politics than it was energy efficient and cost effective.

Now, if you ask questions, you’re labelled a fossil fuel-burning pig. No, just looking for accountability with taxpayer money.

Kathleen Wynne does not need to defend green energy, she should spend her time doing it cost effectively.

The gain simply does not outweigh the pain.

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