Peterborough cyclists call for safety after violent altercation

WATCH: Peterborough, Ont., cycling advocates and driver trainers debate how to make roads safe for cyclists.

Cyclists in Peterborough, Ont., are weighing in after video captured a violent altercation July 18 between a man riding a bicycle and the driver of a pickup truck. The incident left a 74-year-old cyclist in hospital, and a 65-year-old motorist charged with assault.

Cycling advocates say everyone needs to share the road.

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“It’s really important to get to where we’re going, and it’s less important that anyone gets there fast,”  – Tegan Moss, cycling shop owner

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As far as drivers go, the owner of Kawartha Driver Training Roger Neal says the laws governing cyclists and motorists have changed recently and that everyone needs to become more aware of the rules. He said he teaches drivers to be careful around cyclists.

“Bicyclists have to remember they have to check over their shoulders, car drivers got to remember they have to check over their shoulders” Roger Neal, driving instructor

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The final answer? Some cyclists tell Global News that Peterborough drivers have a long way to go when it comes to respecting cyclists.

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