Behold, a pink horse: mom in B.C. wildfire zone laughs hysterically after son’s paint job

On the right, a horse painted pink by Likely, B.C. resident Cindy Roddick's son, so it could be seen in the smoke if they had to leave their home. Cindy Roddick

With wildfires raging around the province, a mother-of-five who lives north of Williams Lake thought British Columbians could use a good laugh right about now.

Cindy Roddick lives in Likely, B.C., a small community that’s located about 100 kilometres northeast of Williams Lake.

Her family has packed up a fifth-wheel trailer in case they have to flee due to wildfire. And she’s concerned that the fires could force her to miss her son’s wedding in Vancouver on Monday.

As part of preparations for any potential evacuation, Roddick asked her other, 15-year-old son Jacob to spray-paint her phone number on the family’s two horses in case they had to release them in the event of an evacuation.

Coverage of Williams Lake-area wildfires on

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It’s common practice for people in rural communities to do this in wildfire situations, Roddick told Global News.

“You take a Sharpie and on their hooves you put your name and phone number and the horse’s name,” she said.

“Somehow my son missed the whole thing.”

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Roddick came out to find Rosie painted pink from head to hoof, with a non-toxic paint that’s used to mark livestock.

“What the hell happened to my horse?” she said, laughing as she recounted the story.

Jacob explained that he thought she had wanted her horse to be seen in the bush.

“I said, not like that!” Roddick recounted, still laughing.

She then asked her daughter Lana, who lives in Prince George, to post the image on Facebook so that people stressed out by the fires could enjoy a laugh.

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The comments accompanying the photo were as funny to her as the horse was.

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One commenter said, “I can’t wait to see if he glows in the dark!”

Comments responding to a horse painted pink in Likely, B.C.
Comments responding to a horse painted pink in Likely, B.C. Courtesy of Lana Webber

The paint comes off with water and Roddick’s family was in the process of washing Rosie off on Tuesday.

The photo emerged as residents of B.C.’s Cariboo region continue to grapple with a number of wildfires — five of which are happening near Williams Lake.

That community, the largest in the area, was placed on evacuation alert Monday evening.

The Wildwood Fire, the biggest of the blazes near the city, was estimated at 2,000 hectares on Monday night.

Like many residents, Roddick said her family has prepped themselves to leave in the event of an Evacuation Order.

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But for now, she wanted to make someone else smile just like she did.

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