Mosquito-free summer should continue with hot, dry forecast

Hot weather, warm nights increases risk of West Nile carrying mosquitoes in Saskatchewan.
. File / Global News

WINNIPEG – Winnipeg’s relatively mosquito-free summer should continue with a hot, dry forecast for the coming week.

Trap counts increased a little over the last couple of days to an average of 14 around the city.

However, that’s still extremely low for this time of year. Over the last 15 years, the average for early July is around 35 and last summer those numbers were much higher.

“If you look at last year at this time we were hovering around 75-100 so definitely we are in much better shape compared to other years,” said Ken Nawolsky, superintendent of Winnipeg’s insect control branch.

The amount of rain Winnipeg has received so far this year has been manageable for the city’s larviciding program.

With little to no rain in the forecast for the coming week and hot temperatures the few mosquitoes that are around will be contending with adverse conditions.

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“In fact, the hotter it gets the shorter the life cycle of the adult mosquito so these mosquitoes that are currently out there will disappear even quicker,” said Nawolsky.

A lot of rain over the next week would create more mosquito breeding grounds which could change the mosquito outlook.

However, if the forecast holds, said Nawlosky, Winnipeg could be looking at a rare, relatively mosquito-free summer.