Prince Harry presented his own ‘Harry Mix’ at Haribo factory

‘Harry Mix’ candy comes with gummies shaped like Prince Harry’s head
'Harry Mix' candy comes with gummies shaped like Prince Harry's head.

Prince Harry visited a new facility of German sweet manufacturer Haribo in Castleford, Yorkshire on Friday.

Harry was given a guided tour of the new state-of-the-art facility, which is now fully operational following a £92 million ($118 million) investment.

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He appears to be wearing some sort of hairnet fedora during his tour of the candy factory.

Harry was the only one in the factory wearing the hairnet fedora during his visit, while everyone else wore a regular blue-coloured hairnet.

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After seeing how the treats are made and chatting to the employees, he was given his own personal box of sweets — Harry Mix, made up of jelly sweets in the mould of his face.

“You guys have got far too much time on your hands,” Harry told the staff as they presented his gift.

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“Thank you very, very much. I will do my best to either eat them or… it may be a bit weird sharing these,” he joked.

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Frank Windmann, works director at Haribo, said they have more boxes of the Harry Mix to share with his family.

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“Fantastic. I’m sure I’ll never hear the end of it,” Harry quipped.

Haribo, a German candy maker, famous for its fruit-flavoured gummy bears, employs more than 700 workers in Castleford and over 540 staff in nearby Pontefract factory, making it one of the leading employers in the local area.

— With files from Reuters