Family mourning lost dog shocked when pooch returns home during TV interview

Family’s shock caught on camera as lost dog returns home during TV interview
WATCH ABOVE: Family mourning the loss of their wife and mother from brain cancer were shocked when their lost dog returned home during a television interview.

A Georgia family’s shock and surprise was captured on camera Wednesday when their missing dog returned home while a television news crew interviewed the owners about the canine’s disappearance.

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Will Rumley was speaking to WCTV about the heartbreak of losing his six-year-old German shepherd named Judo, just six months after his wife, the mother of his two sons, died from a lengthy battle with brain cancer.

“On the heels of that happening, now losing a family pet. He’s a member of our family. It’s heartbreaking,” Rumley said.

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But that sadness was soon replaced by jubilation as the dog, who went missing on U.S. Independence Day, found his way back home at an improbable moment.

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As he spoke to the reporter about how Judo was acting leading up his disappearance, Rumley suddenly noticed something out of the corner of his eye.

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“There he is! He just showed up!” an amazed Rumley is recorded telling the reporter as he watched Judo arrive home. “This is awesome … he showed up while we were talking!”

“Am I hallucinating?” wondered Ian Rumley, the family’s youngest son. “I feel like part of my heart is back in place that was once gone after he left.”

WCTV reports that dozens of dogs and cats go missing each year in Lowndes County during July 4th celebrations due to loud fireworks spooking family pets.