Low-income transit pass to benefit more Edmontonians than originally planned

An ETS bus drive down Whyte Avenue in Edmonton Wednesday, Oct., 5, 2016.
An ETS bus drive down Whyte Avenue in Edmonton Wednesday, Oct., 5, 2016. Vinesh Pratap, Global News

A new subsidized transit pass is now available for low-income Edmontonians and it will benefit twice as many people as originally thought.

The new pass aims to provide affordable transportation to low-income adults and youth in Edmonton.

When the pass was announced early last year, the city estimated it would help 20,000 people in Edmonton. Now, the city says up to 40,000 eligible Edmontonians will be able to apply for the monthly pass, which costs $35 per month.

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“We look forward to seeing more Edmontonians in need better connected to opportunities and essential services through the Ride Transit program,” said Eddie Robar, Edmonton Transit Service branch manager.

“By introducing an affordable transit pass program, the city is supporting EndPovertyEdmonton goals and building a better, more inclusive community.”

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EndPovertyEdmonton is a community-based initiative focused on giving every person in the city equal opportunity to live and work.

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The Ride Transit program is a pilot project that runs until the end of 2018. It is for Edmontonians between the ages of six and 64, with incomes below the federal thresholds:

People who wish to apply for the transit pass must be pre-approved. Applications are available online beginning Tuesday. The subsidized rate takes effect on Aug. 15, when people can begin purchasing their September transit passes.

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Costs for the $12.4-million project are being shared by the city and the province.

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