Residents shocked by string of brazen Edmonton thefts caught on surveillance video

Video of an alleged mailbox theft posted on Facebook by Rob Klapwyk on June 29, 2017. Courtesy: Facebook/Rob Klapwyk

Another Edmonton resident is sharing video online that appears to show a woman removing a package from the mailbox next to his front door.

Rob Klapwyk said the video, which he posted on Facebook Thursday, was recorded by his security camera.

“I purchased a phone case from Amazon and it was delivered this morning, but I did not see it,” Rob wrote. “When we checked our security, I found this video. I am posting this in hopes that this girl has some common decency and returns the package before the police find her.”

Rob and his wife Cindy said the incident has left them in disbelief and feeling violated.

“Somebody that brazen that they would just walk up to a house and take something out of the mailbox,” Rob said.

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“Especially your own home,” Cindy added. “Your own home, right in front of your door. He was at home working and she came right up and took it out of our home.”

Rob said Edmonton police have a copy of the video. The EPS confirmed Tuesday the incident was reported to police and was still under investigation.

“You trust that mail is going to be delivered and you can trust that you could pull it out of your mailbox every day,” Rob said. “To know that someone is coming around and taking it out of your own mailbox is horrible.”

The couple is planning to have future packages delivered to their work instead of their home.

“It’s not so much about the package itself; it’s just about having your privacy invaded,” Rob said. “We wanted to make sure this person understood what they did.

“I hope that she is held accountable. I hope she is identified and held accountable and other people understand that it is wrong and they shouldn’t be doing these things.”

As of Monday, the video had been viewed about 10,000 times.

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This isn’t the only case of what appears to be a brazen daytime robbery caught on video.

On June 25, Forest Heights resident Ian Smith posted video that shows a woman removing a statue from his neighbour’s front step and putting it in the trunk of a vehicle waiting on the street.

In the Facebook post, Smith described the owners as “awesome neighbours” and said the item taken was a samurai statue.

The video had been viewed 95,000 times as of Monday, eight days after it was posted.

Last week, Edmonton police said they had a suspect in the case and no longer required tips from the public.

On June 27, Ryan Bruglemans shared a similar video on his Facebook page.

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The footage appears to show a woman taking a wreath from the front door and jogging to a vehicle with it.

In his post, Bruglemans said it happened on Sunday at 11:30 p.m.

“Either she thinks she can make the wreath look nicer and return it with her finishing touches or, she liked it so much she wanted it for her front door enjoyment,” he wrote.

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