Canada Day goers leave more than memories behind as garbage litters Regina park

Garbage left behind after Canada 150 celebrations in Regina.
Garbage left behind after Canada 150 celebrations in Regina. Global News

This year in Regina, Canada 150 brought in over 30,000 people — that’s three times the usual number of celebrators for Canada Day.

In turn, the people who have manned celebrations before, knew there was going to be a lot of trash to pick up.

Wascana Centre CEO Bernadette McIntyre says they were prepared for people leaving behind their garbage, so during the event, they had people on the ground to pick up litter. The “big cleanup” started Sunday morning.

“This is normal… We had extra staff on yesterday [for garbage] to keep up as much as they could,” McIntyre said.
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Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Food vendor Jim Baiton has worked at Canada Day events for over 20 years, and has also been to other major festivals like Craven.

He says he saw garbage pickers working hard all day.

“It seemed like they had people working and controlling the garbage this year as opposed to years previous… It seemed like they were capturing the garbage as it went… It’s very good conditions this year compared to last year,” Baiton said.

Volunteers and staff will be on-site at Wascana Park to pick up garbage until Monday, when the park should be back in prime condition. This way, people can focus on the memories they made at the Legislative building and Wascana Park on Canada’s big birthday.

“It was a great day for Canada 150, everybody came out and had fun. There was a lot of food ate, a lot of beverages consumed and it was a very peaceful, beautiful celebration,” Baiton said.

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