Happy 150 Ontario! Here’s another energy increase!

The Ontario Energy Board says the cost of natural gas will increase due to cap-and-trade. Richard Buchan / File / The Canadian Press

Do you need another example of how expensive it is to survive in Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario?

In case you do, you’ll get one come Canada’s 150th birthday on July 1st.

That is when your new natural gas prices are scheduled to kick in.

The average southern Ontario bill will increase as much as $40 a year.

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That may not seem like too much in the grand scheme of things lately.

One expert pointed out, it’s nothing compared to how we’re getting hosed on electricity.

That being said, it is all interwoven and when one goes up it affects the others.

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When the Wynne wind turbines aren’t spinning, the reliable natural gas turbines are.

We all know this is the norm under this provincial government, but I still can’t believe the timing of it all.

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Happy 150! Here’s yet another energy increase to remind us just how inefficient the Wynne government is with our money.

Maybe it would be more tolerable if it wasn’t all self-inflicted through bad management.

The only thing Ontario has earned out of their Green Energy Act, is an example for other governments in how NOT to do it.

And, the rest of us are left to suck it up for the next 30 years until we pay off her ‘mistake’.

Happy Canada Day, eh!

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