Canada Post resumes delivery in area where Canuck the Crow attacked mailman

Click to play video: 'Some people are threatening Canuck the Crow' Some people are threatening Canuck the Crow
WATCH: Canuck the Crow's run in with a Canada Post letter carrier allegedly prompted threats from some neighbours – Jun 24, 2017

A standoff between East Vancouver’s most infamous crow and Canada’s mail delivery service seems to have come to an end.

Canada Post has restored home delivery to about a dozen residents living in a neighbourhood near the PNE, where service had been halted because Canuck the Crow had attacked a mail carrier.

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“I’m just happy to have mail delivery back,” said local resident Shawn Bergmann, who describes himself as Canuck’s friend.

Bergmann said Canuck had bitten the letter carrier during nesting season about two months ago, an incident that left the mailman bleeding.

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In the wake of the bite, Canada Post sent Bergmann a letter saying it was “safeguarding employees” by not delivering to areas where the crow had been known to attack, until Canuck was no longer a threat.

Bergmann said the disruption of mail service caused some stress between neighbours, and even led to some “subtle and not-so-subtle threats towards Canuck.”

Bergmann said he previously reached out to Canada Post to offer solutions, including arming the letter carrier with a small umbrella that could be used as a shield, but that he’d initially received a “cold, corporate response.”

He added he’d not heard anything further from Canada Post, and so he was shocked to see letters turn up in his mailbox on Tuesday morning.

“It was actually my landlord who let me know the mail had been delivered,” he said. “[It was] very, very surprising.”
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“I found out my neighbours got their mail as well. It was also without an interaction with Canuck which was another nice thing to hear.”

With the impasse resolved, Bergmann said he’s grateful the ruffled feathers have been smoothed over.

“Thank you Canada Post,” he said.

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The feisty crow has become something of an East Vancouver celebrity for his fearlessness around humans and interest in food and shiny objects.

He has been the subject of multiple news stories, and now has his own Facebook and Twitter pages.

In January of last year, Canuck was seen riding the SkyTrain.

A few months later, he turned up a crime scene where he picked at items and sat on top of a police truck until an officer waved him away.

Most recently, Canuck caused a stir at an East Vancouver McDonalds, where he was spotted helping himself to diners’ meals.

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