Powell River SPCA manager allegedly fired for misleading conservation officer

File photo. Rebecca Lau/ Global News

A Powell River SPCA manager says she was fired for keeping a pair of baby deer at the organization’s Sunshine Coast Branch – but denying it to a conservation officer.

BC SPCA Powell River and District Branch Manager Brandy Craig says she found the animals earlier this month and brought them to the SPCA shelter.

She says while she was trying to find a rehabilitation centre for the animals, a conservation officer was notified that she had transported them.

“So he came in and asked me about the deer, and I said yes, that I had them and that they were going to Critter Care or to Gibsons. And then he asked me if they were at the branch and I said no because I just panicked. And I shouldn’t have lied but I did.”

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Craig says when she was asked a second time if the animals were at the SPCA branch, she conceded that they were.

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She says when her boss found out what happened a few days later, she lost her job.

“Well [the SPCA] says the primary concern was the lack of judgement,” she said.

“That it was a legal matter and I was acting on behalf of the SPCA, which in fact, I wasn’t acting on behalf of the SPCA and I told them that.”

In an email, the BC SPCA says it can’t comment on a former employee’s information, but says it will not terminate staff for needing more time to move wildlife.

CKNW has reached out to the ministry responsible for the Conservation Officer Service.

Since the dismissal, a petition calling for Craig to be reinstated with the SPCA has drawn close to 700 signatures.

The two fawn have been moved to a rehabilitation centre in Langley.


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