Bishop Grandin construction proving to be a headache for Winnipeg drivers

Traffic backed up on Bishop Grandin Boulevard shortly before 9 a.m. Wednesday. Global News

WINNIPEG — It’s no surprise that there are back ups along Bishop Grandin Boulevard, causing typical construction headaches for drivers.

But, the City of Winnipeg said construction from a private developer will be mixed in to the delays until at least Monday June 26.

Liz Chodor has been a courier for the last seven years and said this is the worst traffic she’s ever seen on Bishop Grandin. She said for someone who is dependent on road conditions, she’s losing half, if not more of her salary thanks to delays on roads like Bishop Grandin Boulevard.

“I lose wages. I can’t pick up calls to or from because I’m already in the traffic. For me that could be up $200-$300 a day easily,” Chodor said.

In a statement to Global News, the city said the westbound curb lane on Bishop Grandin Boulevard between Waverley Street and the on-ramp of Bishop Grandin westbound to Pembina Hwy is currently closed to accommodate a development project. The developer is constructing an access with deceleration and acceleration lanes off of westbound Bishop Grandin into the Sugar Beet lands.

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The city said the lane closure is expected to be in place until June 26.

Drivers said construction season is inevitable but would like to see more construction being done over night or not so close together in vicinity so people have other routes they can take that aren’t also backed up.

“It is kind of frustrating because you go like they’re doing all that work on Bishop or whatever, I’ll try this route and you go on that route and it’s the same thing,” Craig Rosentreter, who is a Winnipeg driver, said.

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