N.B. to set legal marijuana age at 19, sale through crown corporation

A New Brunswick working group has released its recommendations for what marijuana legalization might look like in the province. THE CANADIAN PRESS

An interim report released on Wednesday has outlined what the legalization of marijuana might look like in New Brunswick.

Recommendations include a minimum age of 19 to buy and possess marijuana, regulating and selling cannabis through a crown corporation and a personal possession limit of 30 grams.

“Your government is working to ensure a successful approach to the legalization of recreational cannabis by prioritizing public health and safety concerns while maximizing the economic opportunities presented by this emerging sector,” said Health Minister Victor Boudreau in a press release.

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The recommendations differ from a list released by the New Brunswick Medical Society earlier this month.

The society recommended setting the legal age to buy the drug at 21. They said they would prefer if marijuana wasn’t sold to anyone under the age of 25, but recognized that would be unrealistic.

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The proposed model was released by a group composed of senior officials in the departments of Justice and Public Safety, Health and Finance and the New Brunswick Liquor Corporation and Opportunities NB.

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Boudreau said the working group was attempting to balance protecting the well-being of families and children while addressing concerns for health and public safety.

“We want to keep cannabis out of the hands of youth and its proceeds out of the hands of criminals,” Boudreau said in the press release.

The province is planning to hold a series of public consultations to get feedback from New Brunswickers on what they would like to see from legalization.

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