Anti-poverty group says BC Liberals plan to increase welfare rates not enough

As Christy Clark is said to increase welfare rates by $100 a month, from $610 to $710, one B.C. group says that’s not good enough.

“It does not pull people above the poverty line,” said Poverty Reduction Coalition Development Coordinator Viveca Ellis.

She says $100 is far too little to make a dent in the wellbeing for those on assistance.

Ellis claims this is a one-off random grab for the Liberals to save their party.

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She says the extra money will likely go towards food, but that people have many expenses.

“The average that someone is left with is around $200 and that is for everything – transportation, food, clothes, dish soap, tampons, you name it, for the entire month.”

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Ellis says the NDP and Green Party have a better plan.

“They offered to raise the welfare rates within the context of a poverty reduction plan, with legislated targets and a timeline.”

If the BC Liberals move to increase the rate, it would be the first time in a decade welfare rates go up.