Yukon rainbow crosswalk vandalized by tire burnout

Treadmarks on Whitehorse's rainbow sidewalk left by vandals. Credit: Tim Kucharuk/CKRW

WHITEHORSE – RCMP in Whitehorse have opened an investigation into an act of vandalism on a newly painted rainbow crosswalk installed by the city in support of the LGBTQ community.

Witnesses said a white truck allegedly stopped on the crosswalk on Monday and burned rubber, leaving long black marks across the rainbow.

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Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis said he’s embarrassed for the person who did the burnout, adding there will always be a small portion of the community that is intolerant and fearful of others.

Curtis said he’s actually glad it happened because it emphasizes the need for tolerance and the obvious point that more work has to be done in the community.

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Chase Blodgett, All Genders Yukon founder and Pride co-organizer, said the incident highlights what some people have to deal with in their lives.

The rainbow crosswalk was painted just a few weeks ago across the city’s Main Street in what Curtis said was a celebration of diversity and an act of inclusion for all citizens.

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Rainbow crosswalks in Lethbridge, Alta., and Saskatoon, Sask. were also vandalized by tire marks earlier this month.

A driver left a skid mark on a rainbow crosswalk along 23rd Street downtown outside Saskatoon City Hall. Meaghan Craig / Global News

— With files from CKRW


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