9 people arrested in network connected to illegal gaming houses and money laundering in B.C.

Click to play video: 'Cops bust alleged money-laundering ring' Cops bust alleged money-laundering ring
Tue, Jun 13: A year-long investigation has unearthed a connection between B.C. casinos, organized crime and money laundering – Jun 13, 2017

Nine people have been arrested in connection with alleged illegal gaming houses and money laundering  in B.C.

The investigation by the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of BC (CFSEU-BC) started in May 2016, led by the Joint Illegal Gaming Investigation Team (JIGIT). Investigators discovered that a criminal organization allegedly operating illegal gaming houses, was also facilitating money laundering for drug traffickers. The organized crime group, with links in Canada and internationally, including China, was also found to be money laundering for loan sharking, kidnappings and extortions.

The JIGIT found multiple people were responsible for laundering large amounts of money through casinos but did not name which casinos were involved.

Investigators searched six homes as part of the investigation and seized large amounts of cash and bank drafts, drug paraphernalia, suitcases, cell phones and computers among other items. They also seized a number of luxury vehicles, including one with a hidden compartment.

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CFSEU-BC says more arrests are still pending but no charges have been laid at this time.

“Top tier organized crime is not easy to tackle and requires a coordinated approach to achieve results. The individuals associated with this level of criminal activity conducted their operations in a sophisticated manner,” said assistant commissioner Kevin Hackett of the CFSEU-BC in a release. “The CFSEU-BC JIGIT team led this investigation but was supported by hundreds of resources and thousands of hours of committed and dedicated service by all the officers and support staff involved.”

Investigators are asking anyone who believes they may have been manipulated by money launderers, or anyone who has information on illegal gaming, money laundering and loan sharking related to the gaming industry to call the JIGIT information line at 778-290-2288.

Credit: Tony Clark / Global News.
Credit: Tony Clark / Global News.
Credit: Tony Clark / Global News.
Credit: Tony Clark / Global News.
Credit: Tony Clark / Global News.
Credit: Tony Clark / Global News.

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