Harry Potter festival in Goderich moved to Blyth

A promotional image for the original Goderich location.
A promotional image for the original Goderich location. Transfigured Town Inc.

Anyone who bought tickets for the sold out Transfigured Town festival in Goderich this fall should make note of a venue change.

Timing issues are being blamed for a change in venue for the Harry Potter fan festival originally slated to be held in Goderich this October.

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“Transfigured Town: Goderich” has become “The Festival of Wizardry” and will take place on a 40-acre property in Blyth. The announcement was made after a closed session of the Goderich town council, however, Goderich Mayor Kevin Morrison maintains that council did not pull support for the event. Event organizer Nathan Swartz says that Blyth had always been in consideration as a backup location.

“We of course originally had decided on Goderich because that’s our hometown, that’s where we’re from, and that’s where the first festival was held and we held that at the Huron County Museum. We wanted to keep it in Goderich because that’s where it was the year before and then of course like any good event planner, we started looking at backup venues.”

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There were reports of insurance and planning issues between event organizers and the town of Goderich but Swartz would not elaborate.

Swartz and the other festival organizers are calling Blyth their “room of requirement” in a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Harry Potter series. Ticket holders for the event in Goderich will be able to use their tickets at the Blyth venue and can access a free shuttle from the original host town according to Transfigured Town Inc. vice-president Amanda Swartz.

“We have decided to issue free parking passes to the guests of all Goderich
accommodations which will allow on-site parking if it is presented with valid tickets.”

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Residents of Goderich with tickets who do not have transportation to Blyth will also be able to use the shuttle service.