The sign debate is back on in Richmond, B.C.

For a third time in just over three years, city councillors in Richmond are mulling over making English or French compulsory on business signs.

The sign bylaw amendment calls for at least half of the wording on a business sign to be in one of Canada’s official languages.

Mayor Malcolm Brodie is against the idea, saying it could send a message to newcomers that Richmond is not inclusive.

“The newcomers are going to see this as some kind of an edict; that you have to have English on the signs (and) that will lead to other ways in which you’ll be predetermined as to how you have to act and operate.”

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But councillor Alexa Loo is backing the idea, saying it makes it easier for newcomers to comply.

“If you’re quite clear on what you want, it’s easier for people to come in, follow the rules, everybody’s happy. I don’t think anybody’s on a witch-hunt one way or the other.”

The motion comes up for debate on Monday, June 12.

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