City of Calgary reporting higher mosquito activity in 2017

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Grab the bug spray, because the City of Calgary is reporting higher mosquito activity this year compared to the past four years.

“We’ve had a pretty good winter as far as snowpacks and then some nice, gradual melting,” said Lincoln Julie, habitat management superintendent with Calgary Parks in describing the conditions, which are favourable for mosquito breeding.

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“We did our first application of mosquito (treatment) approximately three weeks ago,” said Julie, adding the city will monitor larvae and adult counts to see if further treatments will be needed.

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Meanwhile, Julie said there are things homeowners can do to control mosquito breeding in their yards.

“You would get rid of the standing water in areas such as plugged eavestroughs, bird feeders, stuff like that,” Julie said. “Areas where the water doesn’t get changed or moved around a lot is where mosquitoes like to lay their eggs.”

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