TTC monthly passes available to load onto Presto cards

TTC monthly passes are now available to be loaded onto Presto cards. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer). Fred Lum / File / The Globe and Mail

Monthly TTC passes are now available to be loaded onto Presto cards.

The new option is now available for June and will provide the same unlimited travel for a month that a Metropass does, according to the TTC website.

The passes can be purchased online on the Presto website or added to current Presto cards. An adult pass is $146.25 while a senior pass is $116.75. The cost of a Presto card itself is $6.

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Only a limited number of passes are being offered in the beginning stages so the TTC and Metrolinx have the opportunity to evaluate the customer experience.

“This will ensure we can provide the best possible product once we roll it out to a wider audience,” the TTC said on its website.

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Cards will have to be tapped on Presto machines rather than shown to TTC collectors or swiped at a turnstile the way Metropasses are.

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The TTC did warn that not all subway entrances have Presto machines and cautions riders who use those entrances to hold off purchasing the card until they are installed.

Presto machines will be in at more subway entrances throughout the rest of the year and early into 2018.

Metropasses, tickets and tokens will still be available for purchase throughout 2017 and ’18 as well.

“We will stop selling them before we stop accepting them. We will provide you with plenty of notice before this happens,” the TTC said.


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