First Nations sign anti-pipeline declaration in Calgary Wednesday

A declaration against the Keystone XL pipeline was signed by First Nations leaders in Calgary Wednesday. Global Calgary

A coalition of aboriginal groups from Canada and the U.S. has signed a declaration against the Keystone XL pipeline, vowing to use the courts and whatever other means necessary to block the controversial project.

At a signing ceremony in Calgary, leaders of the Blackfoot Confederacy and Great Sioux Nation representing tribes in both countries called for more dialogue and consultations on the project, which would run through their traditional lands.

Chairman Brandon Sazue of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe says they hope to use the “right way” of opposing the pipeline, including the courts and negotiations, but as a last means he and others are prepared to protest like they did against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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Sazue, who was arrested at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation protests against Dakota Access, says he’s not looking for confrontation but will stand up for what he believes.

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The leaders all spoke of their environmental concerns with Keystone XL and the expansion of the oilsands that it would bring.

Earlier this year, U.S. President Donald Trump revived the pipeline proposed by TransCanada  when he granted it a presidential permit, reversing Barack Obama’s rejection in 2015.

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