London reservists volunteering to provide support for flood relief in Quebec

Reservists from 31 Canadian Brigade Group load and marshal vehicles in at Wolseley Barracks, London, in preparation of their move to Kingston, where they will be prepared to support in flood relief when they receive the request for assistance, on 8 May 2017. 31 Canadian Brigade Group/Canadian Armed Forces

Soldiers based out of London’s 31st Canadian Brigade Group have left Wolseley Barracks and are at the ready to help flood victims in Quebec.

Members of the 31 Canadian Brigade Group are now stationed in Kingston, closer to areas where flooding is causing forced evacuations for almost 2,000 residents and prompting states of emergency in many municipalities.

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“They are in the process of waiting for further instruction,” Capt. Joanna Rockwell told AM980.

“They’re doing a bunch of briefings right now and they’ll be receiving their orders, whether or not they’re going to be assisting wherever the flood relief needs to be.”

Reservists head to Kingston to be prepared to support flood relief in Quebec. 31 Canadian Brigade Group/Canadian Armed Forces

Rockwell says the volunteer troops will be able to provide help with traffic control, emergency shelter and evacuation efforts, and placing sandbags.

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“Essentially we’ll be placing sandbags to help support infrastructure, prevent further flooding and damage to critical infrastructure, homes. As well, we have the capacity to assist local agencies such as the Red Cross if we need to shelter anybody that has been displaced due to flooding.”

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Rockwell says the reservists are volunteering their time to help — many taking time off work, school and away from their families.

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