Children in ravaged Aleppo town compete in mini-Olympics

WATCH ABOVE: Children in a ravaged city in west Aleppo take part in a mini-Olympic Games organized by local groups

Children in a rebel-held town in Aleppo province in Syria are experiencing a little bit of what life outside a war zone is like.

That’s because a local sports group organized a mini Olympics for the kids living in the ravaged town of al-Jeineh, according to local reports.

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Elite Sports Club regularly organizes soccer and boxing training sessions but welcomed 200 children to compete in their own Olympic Games, which began on Tuesday.

The four-day event saw children with numbers pinned to their shirts take to the makeshift courses to compete in hurdles, relay races and the long jump.

The games are being held as Turkey, Iran and Russia hold talks in Kazakhstan on a Syria ceasefire agreement.

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Syria’s rebels have expressed their reservations over a Russia-backed “de-escalation zones” deal and are protesting Iran’s role in guaranteeing the agreement.

The deal was signed on Thursday by the three nations. Russia and Iran back the Syrian government while Turkey backs the opposition forces.

— With files from The Associated Press.