Kevin O’Leary on leaving the fight he seemed to relish

Kevin O’Leary stunned many Conservative Party voters across Canada (Liberals and New Democrat voters too) this week, announcing he was leaving the race for CPC leadership, endorsing rival Maxime Bernier.
Today Kevin O’Leary joins me in Hr 1.

One Hundred Days of Donald Trump as President of the United States.  And the wailing of the left notwithstanding, has Donald Trump lost much of the support which elected him POTUS?  Perhaps not.  Fran Coombs, managing editor of Rasmussen Report polling joins me to assess the Trump presidency.

Meanwhile, Professor Allan Lichtman at American University in Washington, D.C. who correctly predicted the Trump November 8 win, as he has all presidential elections since 1984, now has released a new book titled “The Case For Impeachment.”  Professor Lichtman predicts the impeachment of Donald Trump will take place.  We’ll talk to him.

Again.  Canada’s medical care systems repeatedly refuse to pay for successful surgeries and procedures for Canadians, including some which prove life-saving, conducted outside Canada, even when the patient is denied surgery in Canada.  This time it’s 3 1/2 year old Greta Marofke of Calgary, battling rare liver cancer.  Surgeons in Cincinnati will perform a liver transplant for Greta, while the health care bureaucracy in Alberta refuses.  Greta’s parents are proceeding with the surgery in Cincinnati at a likely cost of at least $600,000.  Which parent wouldn’t do everything to save his or her child?  I’ll be speaking with Greta’s mother Lindsey Marofke.

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And Saturday means Beauties and the Beast with Catherine Swift, Linda Leatherdale and Michelle Simson.  One of the issues today is the Minister of National Defence claiming in India he was the architect of Operation Medusa during the Afghan conflict.  Since then Minister Harjit Sajjan has had to admit he was not the “architect” of the mission at all.  Should he resign?  He did complete three tours of duty in Afghanistan and has been praised by senior officers for his work as an intelligence officer.   That issue and more with Catherine, Linda and Michelle today.


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