Scientists and science supporters take part in Montreal March for Science

Click to play video: 'Montrealers take to the street in defence of science' Montrealers take to the street in defence of science
WATCH: Montrealers take to the street in defence of science. Matt Grillo reports. – Apr 22, 2017

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Montreal and rallied in support of science on Saturday.

The group, made up of  scientists and science supporters, marched to promote their profession.

“We want to walk to celebrate science and celebrate the importance of science,” Patricia Tonin, a McGill University professor, said. “We’ve been I think too complacent. We’ve been sort of taking the back seat, sitting in our labs, sitting in our offices.”

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The reasons behind why marchers showed up to the march were varied.

Some want to see more funding at the grassroots of biomedical research, which could help with breakthroughs.

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“It’s that information and innovation and breakthroughs that are going to lead to the next generation of treatment,” Peter Siegel,  an associate professor at McGill University, said.

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Others at the march worry about the future of science and believe getting youth involved is key.

“I think that’s where our future lies, it’s in the young people right now,” David Brown, a March for Science participant, said. “This is our last chance, if we don’t make it now, we’re going to lose it completely.”

The march was scheduled on Earth Day and for some in attendance, science is the answer to climate change.

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“We need science, we need fact, and we need truth, in order to make sure the environment is well protected and well taken care of,” Emily Hunt said.

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The peaceful march made its way from outside of Berri-UQAM Metro to Place du Canada travelling just over two kilometres.

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