Manitoba Pinball League behind return of retro pastime

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Manitoba Pinball League behind return of retro pastime
WATCH: Pinball is making a comeback in Winnipeg. Global's Mitch Rosset introduces you people who are making it happen. – Apr 18, 2017

WINNIPEG — In a growing digital world, a once neglected game has bounced back. Helping to launch it into the future is the Manitoba Pinball League.

“I wanted to have a place that people who normally wouldn’t get to play pinball could come out and play,” said league founder David Morris.

The league is just three months old but has already doubled in size. Every few weeks, flipper fingers fly and not just for fun. Players gather points to tilt the league standings in their favour. The top 16 advance to the playoffs in December. For those who don’t qualify, it’s game over.

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“A lot of people think you just bang on the flippers when you’re playing,” said Morris. “There’s so much more to it than that.”

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Just like there’s more to the league than being a pinball wizard.

“I was a newcomer when I came out and felt accepted right away,” said pinball enthusiast Trevor Whatman.

Players compete during a Manitoba Pinball League night at The Good Will in Winnipeg. Jordan Pearn / Global News

With everyone sharing the same interest, connections are instant.

“I love going out and talking with everybody, meeting new people and playing pinball,” said Morris.

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New memories created by a nostalgic pass time.

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