Nova Scotia Election: Cape Breton Centre candidates

Quick take: Cape Breton Centre will be a riding to watch during this election. Liberal MLA David Wilton won the traditionally NDP riding in a 2015 byelection.

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Liberal: Wilton was a backbench MLA under the Liberal government. He is a small business owner and volunteers with several community groups. Wilton ran against former NDP MLA Frank Corbett in the 2013 election, but lost.

Progressive Conservative: Louie Piovesan works for the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

NDP: Tammy Martin is an employee with the Nova Scotia Health Authority in Sydney. She lost against Wilton in the 2015 byelection, with about 600 votes separating the two candidates.

Riding background

The riding of Cape Breton Centre. Global News

History: Wilton won the 2015 byelection with 49.2 per cent of the vote. The byelection was called after long-time NDP MLA Frank Corbett resigned. The riding was held by Corbett for almost two decades. Prior to Corbett’s win, the Grits held the seat for a decade.

Boundaries: The riding includes the communities of New Waterford, the Reserve Mines, and part of the town of Dominion.

Demographics: This district is known for its mining history, with many mines including the Reserve Mines, Victoria Mines and the Gardiner Mines being found within its boundaries.

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