Nova Scotia Election: Queens-Shelburne candidates

Quick take: Queens-Shelburne will be a riding to watch in the next election. Longtime NDP MLA Sterling Belliveau opted not to reoffer.

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Liberal: Vernon Oickle is a journalist and the author of 26 books. For more than 20 years Oickle chaired several school advisory councils in Liverpool and advocated for the construction of the South Queens Middle School.

Progressive Conservative: Kim Masland is the coordinator for the Queens County Senior Safety Program. She was the chief of staff to former Conservative MP Gerald Keddy for 18 years.

NDP: John Davis is the founder and spokesman for the Clean Ocean Action Committee. He has been a fisherman, vessel owner, and fish plant owner and operator. According to his bio he is also a former newspaper editor and underwater documentary TV producer.

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Green: Kathaleen Milan is the Green candidate in this riding.

Riding background

The riding of Queens-Shelburne.
The riding of Queens-Shelburne. Global News

History: Belliveau won the newly created riding of Queens-Shelburne with 37.1 per cent of the vote. The riding is a mashup of the former Shelburne and Queens ridings. Prior to Belliveau’s tenure, the area elected candidates from all three major political parties.

Boundaries: The riding includes the towns of Liverpool, Shelburne, and Lockeport. It also includes large rural areas in Queens County and the main entrance to Kejimkujik National Park.

Demographics: The riding is primarily rural. Its industries include fishery, forestry, and tourism.

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