Lethbridge students hope Bon Jovi will visit their school

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Lethbridge class hoping to get Bon Jovi to their school
WATCH: A Lethbridge teacher is hoping singer Bon Jovi will live up to his lyrics “I’ll be there for you.” She’s a huge fan and now her and her students are on a mission to get him to come to their classroom. Joe Scarpelli reports – Apr 10, 2017

A Grade 4/5 class at Agnes Davidson Elementary School is hoping Bon Jovi will make a surprise visit to their classroom. It’s called the “Bon Jovi project.”

“If you are so passionate about it and you want something to happen, it only happens if you actually take the time to do something about it,” teacher Mrs. Ana Rebolone Morrison said.

It all started when Bon Jovi fan Rebelone brought a cardboard cutout of Bon Jovi to class and treated it as if it were a student.

“I would talk to him throughout the day and they thought that was pretty crazy,” she said. “Then we started doing assignments and then Bon Jovi did the assignments. You know, as simple as, ‘put your name on the top right-hand side’ and then he would write his name on the top right hand side.”

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From there, a bunch of preteens who weren’t familiar with Bon Jovi became super fans.

Each student wrote Bon Jovi a letter, with the intention to send them to his concert venues, his restaurant and even his manager, hoping the rock star will read them.

In the meantime, they’re doing everything from keeping track of his stops to having Bon Jovi Fridays where they make art to the band’s music.

“We’ve done so many Bon Jovi things but there’s so much I can’t even think of everything,” Grade 5 student Adeline James said.

Except maybe, just maybe, believing Bon Jovi will listen.

“If you actually try and believe he’s going to come, then there might actually be a chance,” Grade 4 student Stella Guenther said.

“It could be possible that today is our lucky day, or tomorrow, or someday is our lucky day,” classmate Andrew Sherwood said.

Rebelone says Bon Jovi visiting her classroom would be a dream come true, but says that’s not even the best part.

“Their lives would be changed because they would take action in whatever they do knowing that there’s hope and there’s possibility and you can’t teach that, they’ve learned it themselves.”


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