Minimalist movement or economic reality?

Could you live with just 3 shirts, 4 pants and 4 pairs of socks? There's a growing “minimalism” movement in Japan where less is considered more. Global News File

Looking for a lifestyle change?
Caught in a rut?

There is a growing fad in Japan that some are hoping makes its way into Canadian culture, the sooner the better.

It seems more and more Japanese are opting for less and less.
The movement focuses on a lifestyle free of possessions and clutter commonly associated with success.

It’s not about how much stuff you have but how much time do you have for your stuff.
Too much stuff in your life equals, no time.

They are accumulating less, but enjoying more.
That means less clothes, less house, less car, allowing more time for you, rather than the rat race that got you there.

However, some question if it is a cultural shift or just economic reality.
When one cannot find financial stability, they have no choice but to become minimalist.

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Just ask anyone who lives on the street.

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