Street sweeping, pothole repairs underway in Saskatoon

Warm weather allows city crews to get a head start on sweeping Saskatoon streets and repairing potholes. Brice Perkins / Global News

Crews are hitting Saskatoon streets earlier than usual to begin sweeping away sand and debris from winter snow and ice operations.

The warm weather at the end of March dried out the roads enough for crews to get the head start, said Brandon Harris, the city’s director of roadways and operations.

“We have been street sweeping for a couple of weeks already – about a week ahead of last year,” Harris said in a release.

“Our priorities are to collect the bulk of winter sand and debris on these roads, to reduce the dust in the air and repair high-risk potholes.”

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Street sweepers will be out on priority roads, in business improvement districts and on medians and boulevards before turning their attention to residential streets in May.

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Harris said a new pilot program will be tried this spring in seven neighbourhoods, where the priority streets will be swept first.

“Then, when the neighbourhood is scheduled for sweeping as part of the curb-to-curb city-wide residential blitz, the priority streets will be available for parking,” Harris said.

“This means more convenient parking for residents, fewer cars ticketed and towed, and a faster sweeping program.”

Crews will place “no parking” signs 36 to 48 hours before street sweeping. Vehicles not moved will be towed and ticketed.

Potholes will also be repaired at the same time with hot-mix asphalt. People can report potholes online, which city officials say will help them prioritize repairs.

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