COMMENTARY: From the field to the booth, Tony Romo should be fine

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The transition from the sports field to broadcasting has been made by dozens of former players over the years.

From Frank Gifford, Troy Aikman and Nick Faldo to John McEnroe, Tim McCarver and Don Meredith, many athletes have been able to take their knowledge of the game and relay it to fans in an informative and entertaining way.

Former coaches, like John Madden, are good at it too.

And the more popular the athlete, the bigger the impact for broadcasters.

So it’s not that big of a surprise to hear that Tony Romo is retiring from the NFL to join the NFL on CBS broadcast team.

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The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback has star power in the sport and is a well-spoken and well-respected individual.

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Romo will be alongside CBS veteran broadcaster Jim Nantz when the NFL season kicks off in September, pushing Nantz’s longtime partner Phil Simms to the B-team.

I’m looking forward to checking out what Romo can bring to the broadcast booth.

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The 37-year-old earned $127.4 million over 14 seasons with Dallas.

At least now, he’s going to get paid without getting knocked on his keyster.

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