Models with disabilities make history at Western Canada Fashion Week

Edmontonians with diabilities share the cat walk at Western Canada Fashion Week. Global News

For the first time ever, models with disabilities showcased fashions on the runway at Western Canada Fashion Week in Edmonton.

An Evening of Diversity featured amputee models and models in wheelchairs or using walkers.

Event M.C. Randall MacDonald said organizers wanted to show that fashion is accessible to everyone.

“Fashion is for everybody. I know we see in the magazines – these thin 14-year-old models and people think: ‘I’m not that so I can’t wear fashion.'”

“What we’re trying to tell people is: that’s not true; fashion truly is for everybody. You can be fashionable at any age, any weight, any height, any ability; it’s really just about being fabulous.”

The event ends 10 days of West Canada Fashion Week.

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WCFW began by promoting diversity as well, with a runway event featuring Ageless Fashion which included models aged 40 to 80.

Western Canada Fashion Week has grown to become the largest fashion week in Canada and MacDonald said Edmontonians are embracing it.

“Edmonton has really changed in the past eight years. It’s really a different city. Just look at what’s happening in our downtown and our arts scene and our parties. I think Edmontonians are really getting behind things. They want fun, interesting things to do, they’re open to new ideas, they’re open to supporting entrepreneurs.”

MacDonald said Edmontonians need to keep supporting the event and local designers.

“Make sure that we survive and thrive by getting out to the shows and supporting local designers. That’s what makes any city great.”

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