3-year-old Fort McMurray boy gets speeding ticket in miniature F-150

Click to play video: '3-year-old boy gets a speeding ticket in Fort McMurray' 3-year-old boy gets a speeding ticket in Fort McMurray
WATCH: A three-year-old Fort McMurray boy got his first speeding ticket over the weekend. The boy’s mom suggests the cute encounter with police could have a positive impact – Mar 30, 2017

A three-year-old boy in Fort McMurray, Alta., now has a speeding ticket he hangs proudly in his room.

Nathan Snow was driving his motorized miniature F-150 truck on the street with his parents on Sunday when an RCMP officer pulled up behind them with his cruiser lights flashing.

Nathan Snow, 3, gets pulled over by a friendly RCMP officer in Fort McMurray, Alta., on Sunday, March 26, 2017. Supplied / Heather Snow

The officer asked Nathan’s parents if he could pull the boy over and they agreed. The officer then bent over and gave the young boy a “ticket” that read “too fast.”

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Nathan Snow, 3, received a ticket from RCMP in Fort McMurray, Alta., for going “too fast.”. Supplied / Heather Snow

Nathan’s mom said it was her son’s first encounter with police.

“Now every time we go out somewhere and he sees a cop car he says ‘oh there’s the police,’” Heather Snow said. “So now he knows who it is, and we’re trying to teach him that those are his friends.”

Nathan’s parents add this was their first encounter with an officer who took time to stop and interact with them, and they are forever grateful for the experience.

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