‘Ice house’ thaws revealing a pleasant surprise

WATCH ABOVE: A photographer in New York State captured stunning images of a home entirely encased in ice over the weekend, after five days of icy winds along Lake Ontario battered the area.

A couple of weeks ago, photos of a western New York home coated in layers of ice went viral.

The photos of the home, located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, were snapped by photographer John Kucko who provided a positive update on Wednesday night.

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Kucko’s update showed the home had seen a major melt but he was surprised by what he saw.

“Stunning that this little beach home along Lake Ontario here in [western New York] sustained NO damage,” he wrote.

The layers of ice built up from several days of freezing spray and mist from nearby Lake Ontario.

The house, which is located near Rochester, N.Y., is owned by Betty Perkins-Carpenter.

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When asked what she thought of her ice-covered abode, she told New York “Gosh, it’s pretty.”

Her neighbours told the website the house usually sees some ice buildup in the winter but this year’s icing was a little out of ordinary.

“I’ve never seen it like this,” Richard Bachner told New York of his neighbour’s home. “This is quite unusual.”