Convicted pedophile ‘Swirl Face’ plans to live in Vancouver

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A convicted pedophile known as “Swirl Face” is set to be released on a number of conditions and plans to live in Vancouver.

According to a statement from B.C. Corrections, 42-year-old Christopher Neil has a “pattern of sexual offending behaviour against both pre and early pubescent boys.”

Neil, who infamously disguised his face in child pornography he made in Southeast Asia, pleaded guilty in 2015 to five child-sex crimes that took place in Cambodia, Vancouver and Maple Ridge, spanning a 10-year period.

Neil also served nearly five years in a Thailand prison for the unrelated sexual abuse of two boys, but was released early and returned to Canada in the fall of 2012.

Neil was dubbed “Swirl Face” by international media after authorities released pictures of a man engaged in sex acts with two young boys, showing his face disguised by a digital swirl.

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‘Swirl face’ pedophile Christopher Neil to live in Vancouver
‘Swirl face’ pedophile Christopher Neil to live in Vancouver

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Neil is subject to 18 court-ordered conditions including having no contact with anyone under the age of 16.

Other conditions include:

– Not to engage in any activity that involves contact with persons under the age of 16 years including via a computer system
– Not to be on the property of or loiter on the sidewalk immediately adjacent to any park, playground, school ground, swimming area, daycare, recreation/community centre, arcade, library, residence or any place where persons under the age of 16 years can reasonably be expected to be present
– Not to possess or access any computers, cellular telephones or other devices capable of accessing the Internet
– Not to direct any person to possess, use or access any electronic device or computer system on your behalf
B.C. Corrections asked anyone who sees Neil violating any of his conditions to call 911.

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