‘Get off of me’: Cop slams Florida woman to the ground, fires Taser at her

Click to play video: '‘Get off of me’: Woman slammed to the ground and tased by cop' ‘Get off of me’: Woman slammed to the ground and tased by cop
WARNING: Video contains disturbing images. Police release the raw footage from a bodycam recording – Mar 24, 2017

A bodycam video of a Florida woman being shot with a Taser by a cop has been released after police settled an excessive force lawsuit she filed.

Aranda Wendell  said she brought the lawsuit forward after she was slammed to the ground and shot with the stun gun.

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Wendell was brought into the police station for questioning after a car rear-ended her and she didn’t stop.

“I had nothing to do with it. I was just driving to work,” you can hear Wendell saying in the video.

The Stuart Police Department said Wendell admitted to driving away from the scene, saying she wasn’t aware it was against the law to leave a car accident.

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That’s when things escalated. The police officer tried to arrest Wendell and said she was resisting.

“Put your hands behind your back!” the officer yells in the video.

“No stop it,” Wendell screams.

“You are going to get Tased. You are under arrest!” the officer yelled.

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The Stuart Police Department told CBS 12, a local news station, that the city settled the lawsuit for $20,000 to avoid dragging it out in court and wasting taxpayers money. Police said however, that they did nothing wrong and were strictly following policy.

“Police officers have to do their job and sometimes when they do their job properly it’s not pretty,” Cpl. Brian Bossio told CBS 12. “That body camera doesn’t always tell the whole story.”

“She actively resisted, she started yelling. Officers repeatedly told her to stop resisting. She did not.”

The officer involved in the incident is still on active duty.

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