Montreal couple mourning loss of their dog after vicious attack

Click to play video: 'Dog dead, family reeling after vicious attack' Dog dead, family reeling after vicious attack
WATCH: Travis Flockhart says he and his dog, Sadie, were viciously attacked by two Bullmastiff-looking dogs. As Global's Tim Sargeant reports, Sadie had to be put down due to her extensive injuries and the family is now demanding that something be done about the dogs that attacked them – Mar 23, 2017

Debbie Funchion is living through a difficult time, having recently lost her beloved pet husky to a vicious attack by other dogs in Saint-André-d’Argenteuil.

“She was my best friend,” Funchion told Global News about her late dog, Sadie. “She was my saving grace, you know?”

Funchion says her boyfriend, Travis Flockhart, was walking Sadie on a local trail last Sunday when the husky was attacked by two mixed-breed dogs.

“I guess I walked for about 200 metres, and both of them came up from behind me and immediately attacked my dog,” Flockhart told Global News.

Sadie suffered dozens of bites in the attack.

The attacking dogs were relentless, Flockhart said. “They worked as a team pretty much — they they were just ripping at her like she was a rabbit.”

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Flockhart said he did everything he could to fight off the other dogs, suffering multiple bites to his hands, arms and legs in the process.

“They were just enormous pit-bull, boxer-looking things and were so strong,” Flockhart said. “I was punching, kicking and pulling them. I was screaming for help.”

Another person eventually arrived and helped fight off the dogs and Flockhart managed to get Sadie home. The couple rushed Sadie to a veterinary hospital where she spent the night.

However, the husky’s injuries were so severe that the pair had to make the difficult decision to put Sadie down.

“It was the toughest decision of our lives,” Flockhart said.

Funchion and Flockart have filed a complaint with the police and have retained a lawyer in the hopes of pressing criminal charges against the owner of the attacking dogs.

They note the dogs are often locked up in an outdoor cage but were not during the night of the attack.

“That’s why I didn’t want to walk by the house,” Flockhart said. “I just had a bad feeling [when] I saw them loose.”

Global News spoke to the owner of the dogs, but he refused to comment.

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Funchion and Flockart are looking for justice for their pet. They’ve been told the dogs that attacked Sadie will be euthanized.

But for now, they’re still in mourning for their beloved Sadie, a rescue dog that Funchion adopted seven years ago when he was just five weeks old.

She recalls that her father died only a few months after she got Sadie.

“My dad passed away in an accident and I was left with this beautiful dog who consoled me,” she said, noting she will remember Sadie for life.

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