Not so Happy Meals: McDonald’s faces class action lawsuit in Quebec

Click to play video: 'McDonald’s advertising faces class action lawsuit' McDonald’s advertising faces class action lawsuit
WATCH ABOVE: A Quebec father argues McDonald’s is advertising to children under the age of 13, which is illegal according to Quebec’s consumer protection laws. As Global's Gloria Henriquez reports, there is now a class action lawsuit against the fast food giant – Mar 13, 2017

Many parents can relate: children throwing a fit because they want the toy that comes with fast food meals.

Well, a parent in Quebec wants it to stop.

The parent, who doesn’t wish to be identified, enlisted the help of a law firm in Montreal and filed a request for a class action against McDonald’s.

“The purpose of this class action is not for me to be this big, bad Grinch and take away all the toys from the children,” lawyer Joey Zukran said.

“The purpose is to basically enforce legislation that is already on the books.”

Quebec forbids marketing to kids under 13 years old.

Zukran believes McDonald’s is advertising to kids by displaying toy cases right at child’s eye level, as well as television screens and prints.

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“The publicity in question cannot incite a child to want to buy or to ask somebody, i.e. his parents, to buy for them,” Zukran explained.

The Quebec Weight Coalition agrees.

“Whatever it is, good food or not, marketing to kids is not allowed in Quebec,” Corinne Voyer said.

Voyer say it’s not the first time McDonald’s violates the law.

They’ve filed several complaints on the same issue.

They believe this type of marketing is tied to health problems.

“It’s a problem recognized by the World Health Organization in the obesity epidemic,” Voyer added.

Some people believe it’s up to parents, not to fast food restaurants to control what their kids eat.

“The kids can ask dad, can you buy me this? The parents can say yes or no,” McDonald’s customer, Paul Muntean said.

“I think it’s a good thing,” Salvie Ternal said as she was leaving McDonald’s with her nephew.

“I find it’s a bit interactive with toys like these.”

The lawsuit is seeking financial and punitive compensation from McDonald’s.

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Zukran believes it’s a way to show the food giant that kids and the law are not a game.

“We’re ready to take this to the end,” Zukran affirmed.

Global News reached out to McDonald’s but they declined to comment as the matter is before the court.

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