‘Road rage’ incident in Saint John parking lot caught on video

An apparent road rage incident was caught on camera last week, of a man being struck down in a parking lot in Saint John, New Brunswick.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube before being turned over to Saint John police, shows a suspect vehicle — a black Audi SUV — striking a man in a blue sweater in the parking lot of an apartment building on Coldbrook Crescent.

The victim then flies up over the front bumper of the vehicle and falls to the ground.

A woman in the video is heard talking to a 911 operator on the phone, reporting the incident of “road rage.”

“Oh my god he just hit my friend!” she is heard screaming as the SUV speeds out of the parking lot, leaving the man injured on the ground. “He smoked him!”

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“I can’t move my arm,” the victim is heard saying as he lies on the ground. The woman then requests an ambulance.

According to the Feb. 24 Saint John Police media report posted to YouTube, officers were called to Coldbrook Crescent at 11:08 a.m. for a report of a pedestrian who had been hit by a vehicle.

The male driver of the SUV, Gene Williams, had reportedly followed the witness and victim to the apartment building parking lot after they “had words” with Williams in a different parking lot in nearby Grand Bay.

“The witness and a male passenger got out of their vehicle, at which time the other driver swerved towards the two, struck the male passenger and then left the scene,” Sgt. Charles Breen said in the release.

The victim was taken to hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

A short time later, the suspect vehicle was found and the 69-year-old driver arrested. He has pleaded guilty to several charges including assault with a weapon and leaving the scene of an accident. He remains in custody.

The incident is under investigation by the Saint John Police major crimes unit.

With a file from The Canadian Press

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