Hockey Edmonton suspends parents following fights with officials

Minor Hockey Week in Edmonton, 2016. Global News

Hockey Edmonton has suspended several parents after what it calls “several unacceptable incidents involving teams, parents and officials.”

In a strongly worded email sent to parents Friday, president Mark Doram described the behaviour as unacceptable and said it would not be tolerated.

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The email went on to say the latest incident occurred when parents became so “emotionally engaged in the game that the referees were afraid for their safety.”

Edmonton Police were called to the arena to deal with the matter.

“Those involved lived up to what people think of as the “typical hockey parent”. This type of behaviour not only puts a black eye on our sport but puts you in the spotlight as well,” Doram said.

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The email went on to say “Hockey Edmonton expects all participants to police themselves and police each other.”

Doram did not say how many parents were suspended or what level of hockey was involved.

“We lose a number of officials every year because of threats made by parents and coaching staff towards them. We can’t afford to lose these folks; they are an integral part of our game. Many of these referees are young people and we need to remember you are an adult and need to conduct yourself in a more mature manner.”

The suspended parents are not allowed to attend games for the rest of the season and the suspensions can carry over to the next season.

Doram asked parents to ensure their actions in the arena “are a positive influence in their child’s athletic experience.”