Viral video of fight at Vaudreuil high school raises questions about bullying

Click to play video: 'Teen allegedly suspended for helping bullied peer' Teen allegedly suspended for helping bullied peer
WATCH ABOVE: A Pincourt mom is furious after she says her son was unfairly suspended from the Cité des Jeunes High School in Vaudreuil-Dorion for allegedly instigating a fight. As Felicia Parrillo reports, Melany Barrick has uncovered a video of a similar incident that shows her son defending another student from bullies – Feb 21, 2017

Melany Barrick and her son, Kevin, are sounding the alarm about alleged violence and bullying going on near Cité-des-Jeunes High School in Vaudreuil.

A few days ago, she posted a video on Facebook of an incident she says took place at the school two months ago.

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In the video, one student can be seen pushing and shoving another, seemingly trying to engage him in a fight.

The video shows the altercation coming to a swift end when another student appears to suddenly jumps the aggressor.

WATCH BELOW: Raw video of the incident

Click to play video: 'RAW: Teen allegedly suspended for helping bullied peer' RAW: Teen allegedly suspended for helping bullied peer
RAW: Teen allegedly suspended for helping bullied peer – Feb 21, 2017

The boy who intervened is 17-year-old Kevin Barrick.

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He said he didn’t get into trouble with the school for intervening because the video proved he was only trying to help, but a week ago, he said a similar incident occurred and he was suspended.

Kevin and his mother are voicing their concerns.

They say the area around the school is plagued with bullying and violence.

“There’s a lot of fights, only at that place and the [administration] said it too,” Melany said.

“It is a problem to the school, that arena. It’s where everything happens.”

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The school is located just next door to a privately owned arena.

Barrick and her son said kids from the school often go there to smoke and that’s where a lot of the fights usually take place.

She said there’s no surveillance or supervision since the area is off school property.

“It’s two minutes away,” she said.

“They’re able to put somebody to watch from that school to that place during lunch or break or whatever – just to make sure the kids are safe.”

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The school board declined Global News’ request for an on-camera interview, but a spokesperson stressed the two fights are completely unrelated.

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The spokesperson said the school will evaluate if an increase of surveillance is needed in the area and it encourages students to attend the anti-bullying and violence workshops that are held on campus.

“I would love to make sure my son is going to school and he’s okay and [I’m] not get a call in the middle of the day saying something happened to your son or whatever,” Barrick said.

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Kevin admits he’s been suspended several times before.

However, he says it’s often for intervening in situations where someone is being bullied.

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“When I see someone that can’t defend themselves, I feel the need to help,” he said.

“I maybe just won’t be as rough next time.”

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